Episode 010: Todd Barton

Podcast / Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Welcome to Episode 010 of “Music, Sounds And Silence”.
In this episode, Eshan chats with Sonic Guru, Todd Barton.

Todds Official Website
Todds Bandcamp
Todds Soundcloud
Todd on MacProVideo

Links and Resources (in chronological order):

    • Oregon Shakespeare Festival

    • The Vikings movie 1950s

    • “Harmony” by Walter Piston

    • Recorder example

    • Renaissance Music

    • Douglas Leedy

    • Toru Takimitsu

    • Musique Concrete

    • Buchla Music Easel

    • Pink Floyd on modular synths

    • Stockhausen (Composer)

    • Tape Music Making Techniques (Hainbach)

    • Yamaha DX7

    • “I Dream of Wires” Modular Synth documentary

    • East Coast / West Coast Synthesis

    • A Guide to Modular Synthesis with Look Mum No Computer

    • Control Voltages

    • Don Buchla

    • Buchla 200e example

    • Buchla “Source of Uncertainty” – example

    • Chinese language

    • Todd Barton demonstrating Shakuhachi flute

    • Todd exploring sound

    • Wassily Kandinsky

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