Episode 008: Jnthn Stein – Ableton Push Poet

Podcast / Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Welcome to the 8th episode of “Music, Sounds And Silence”.

In this episode, Eshan chats with ableton PUSH poet and multi-instrumentalist genius Jnthn Stein.

Jnthn Stein Official Website
Jnthn Stein on Facebook
Jnthn Stein on Soundcloud

Links and Resources (in chronological order):

    • Ableton mini documentary of Jnthn Stein
    • “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes
    • Jnthn practicing PUSH 2
    • Meditation Mantra
    • Jnthn going off on the bass
    • Marcus Miller – bassist
    • Mike Einziger
    • Bill “The Buddha” Dickens – Bassist
    • D’Angelo
    • J Dilla documentary
    • Tribe Called Quest
    • Team Supreme Producer Collective
    • Jnthn explains Ableton PUSH keyboard
    • Xenakis
    • Ligeti
    • Overtone series explained

Intro and outro music featuring Gero Körner on piano

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