Episode #004: “The Mysteries Remain”

Podcast / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Welcome to the 4th episode of “Music, Sounds And Silence”.

In this episode, Eshan sheds light on the mysteries of sound and music that still occupy him to this day..

Questions to contemplate:

  • Why does music affect us the way it does?
  • What happens on  various levels of our being when we listen to music?
  • As an artist, what are you expressing?
  • Is it coming from within or from somewhere else beyond “you”?
  • If you feel it comes from beyond, who or what creates it through you?
  • What purpose does this expression serve?
  • Is there a reason for music?
  • What would a life be like without music?
  • What makes good music “good” and bad music “bad”?
  • As a musician, where does your deep desire and need to express yourself through music come from?
  • Why does music have the ability to connect human beings on such a deep level?
  • What exactly “is” music and when does sound “become” music?

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