Episode #002: “What Got Me Here”

Podcast / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Welcome to the 2nd episode of “Music, Sounds And Silence”.

In this episode, Eshan aka PUSH4life goes down memory lane and shares his path from growing up in the ’80’s to being a session musician – performing with the likes of Imogen Heap, Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil all the way to creating his PUSH4life persona. This story is also interwoven with the evolution of music technology throughout Eshans career to date.

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2 Replies to “Episode #002: “What Got Me Here””

  1. Hi Ethan,

    It seems to be an interesting podcast but now already on number 2 I’m thinking of giving up. It’s too much background niise/music that disturb your talk. My advise is to only have short sound samples so we listeners can focus on your message, you talking.
    I’m following a huge number of podcasts but looking back throughout the years I always leave the podcasts with annoying and disturbing background.

    Greetings from Sweden – a beautiful day of March.
    / Bengt

    1. Hi Bengt, thanks for your comment…. I guess you can’t please everyone… I personally like it the way it is, and have had a lot of other people say they enjoy it… thanks for giving it a try nonetheless… maybe you will find other similar shows that fit your taste – all the best 😉

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